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26% raised

Re-Designing Consulting


WorkBoost. Data driven export & recruitment network supporting Nordic companies to scale up efficiently with the help of localized knowledge and contacts. Featured on Tv & News and have 2 Accelerators interested in the concept.

€ 150,000


€ 1,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
2% raised

Reinvest24 Real Estate


Reinvest24 provides everyone the opportunity to invest in attractive real estate, benefiting the same way as owning a percentage of the property. You can become a real estate investor by investing as little as 100 euros.

€ 175,000


€ 100

Min per Investor

Global Pro
0% raised

Georget Speculation


We have developed a robotic software & investment model using pattern recognition and mathematics. Systematic backtesting show an 89% return over a 2-year period. We have the opportunity to become one of the best-performing hedge funds available.

€ 20,000


€ 2,500

Min per Investor

Browse business ideas, startups and larger companies from all over the world.

We help investors and entrepreneurs build lasting and profitable relationships.

€10,000 - €50,000

Hyderabad, India

I started as online business manager in New York City and have worked in investment banking, media and manufacturing businesses. Since 2002, I have been running...

Areas of Expertise

I can advise with management t

€10,000 - €200,000

Frederikssund, Denmark

I am an experienced marketer and my 18 years of work experience are related to major accounts sales, business development, strategic marketing, commercial excel...

Areas of Expertise

I have experience selling fina

€10,000 - €100,000

Lidingö, Sweden

Civilekonom from HHSS, different jobs in the Finance sektor during 20 years, including head of business marketing dept, head of customer service dept and projec...

Areas of Expertise

Has also worked for over 10 ye

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