Denmark has supported many successful startups, including Wallmob (Intelligent Sales Points), Bownty (Trivago for local experiences), Conferize (The new world of events), ZYB, The Eye Tribe (Eye Tracking for Mass Market), Iconfinder, Opbeat, Tattoodo, Eyeproof, Everplaces, Fitbay,com, Lapio, CodersTrust and Mailbird.

Taking all this success into account, angel Investing in Denmark is said by the most experienced venture capitalists to be, without exaggeration, hostile and dangerous. High tax rates on business angels – and zero deductibility for losses – mean that foreign investment is discouraged. Also, there is no public support for business angel networks. This is not typical of the rest of Europe. The result is that, for the present, Denmark’s start-up growth is largely unsupported by angel investors; for good reason. However, for those looking to target this market from a global standpoint, opportunity certainly exists for new investors with the right knowledge.

If you’re an entrepreneur – with a great idea and a solid plan – the Scandinavian Investment Network can hook you up with angel investors. We’re part of the world’s largest angel investment network, with more than 300,000 members. Register with the Scandinavian Investment Network; browse and search by location, industry and size of investment; then connect with thousands of angels and entrepreneurs.

We now have a full site for entrepreneurs and angel investors in Denmark, please visit https://www.angelinvestmentnetwork.dk for more information

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