If you’re an angel looking for investment opportunities in Norway right now, you’d be wise to focus on three areas, according to a Norwegian business economics report on 2,400 business angels and the 4,500 companies in which they invested: (1) retailing; (2) professional, scientific and technical enterprises and (3) construction and industrial ventures. High-growth technology companies are not, as they are in many countries, of primary interest to angels in Norway, though mobile and telecom services throughout Scandinavia attract many investors and Norway is no exception.

The major Norwegian cities - Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromsø – are where many Norwegian businesses and growth companies are headquartered and, therefore draw the most angel investment. And don’t forget those investors known as elite angels, who are entrepreneurs themselves and may contribute valuable experience and knowledge instead of or in addition to a financial commitment.

Where are Norwegians investing? In response to a strong entrepreneurial environment and cutting edge practices in business and technology, many Norwegian angels keep their investments close to home. But this isn’t the whole picture. In response to worldwide opportunities emerging every day Norwegians bring support and expertise to start-ups in every industry.

To give you an idea of angel investment opportunities in Norway you should look at the proposal on our website from an e-commerce company with 50,000 products already available, free shipping, local customer support and low overhead costs. They seek capital of €150,000 and ask a minimum investment of €30,000. For those angels with an interest and expertise in the clothing industry, an online designer clothing and accessories store seeks capital of €50,000; and a sports scores reporting enterprise produces applications and databases for registering, reporting and sharing results from team sports – and they have an app perfect for the Apple Smart Watch. Capital needed, €350,000, minimum investment, €25,000. Choose your industry and level of investment and you’ll find an opportunity here.

If you’re an entrepreneur – with a great idea and a solid plan – the Scandinavian Investment Network can hook you up with angel investors. We’re part of the world’s largest angel investment network, with more than 300,000 members. Register with the Scandinavian Investment Network; browse and search by location, industry and size of investment; then connect with thousands of angels and entrepreneurs.

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