Who is the Finnish angel investor? Finland is a well-organized and dynamic environment for private equity investors, or what are called business angels. Domestic venture capital investors are active and the amount of foreign venture capital is climbing every year. Organized networking by angel investors has increased. Syndication, or co-investment with other angels has become more popular because angel investors prefer to share the risk.

According to published data 39% of angel investments made in Finland in 2013 were syndicated investments. A big advantage in syndicated investment for angels is the saving in time for you as an investor. It’s difficult to be an effective advisor to 2 or more startups by yourself.

What is called sweat equity is also increasing among angel investors in Finland, most commonly in marketing and sales and financial consulting. Gaming is an investment attraction everywhere – and some experienced Finnish investors think it’s in a bubble right now – but there have been significant shifts in the interests of angel investors in other areas, as well : the healthcare industry and manufacturing are attracting greater interest, while mobile communications investment has dropped, and there has been some decrease in investment activity in retail finance, logistics and biotech. Finnish startups perform well and the returns – or angel exits – for angel investors yield from simply getting your money back to a 10 times or better return on your investment.

Right now at Scandinavian Investment Network we have a Finnish angel investor, CEO of an educational materials startup, with €100,000 to invest in your startup. Startups seeking funds include an e-commerce business in Finland selling batteries, chargers, and flashlights. They seek a €2500 minimum investment to expand their business.

Another interesting angel investment opportunity is the manufacturer of virtual-reality products targeted to education and training. Their target, €1,000,000 investment to develop global sales. Other Finnish startups – some with international reach, include Flowdock, Audiodraft, Blaast, Enevo, Grand Cru, Kiosked, Walkbase, and Grey Area. Localbitcoins, Venuu, Teller, Uplause, ThingLink, Ovelin, Sofanatics, SingOn and Jaiku.

If you’re an entrepreneur – with a great idea and a solid plan – the Scandinavian Investment Network can hook you up with angel investors. We’re part of the world’s largest angel investment network, with more than 300,000 members. Register with the Scandinavian Investment Network; browse and search by location, industry and size of investment; then connect with thousands of angels and entrepreneurs.

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