You’ve undoubtedly heard about Spotify – and how about Opbeat, Wrapp, Fyndig, Stardoll, Klarna, Sunrise, Metapic, Jobylon, Gears of Leo, Qapital and Tictail ? These are just some of the Swedish tech and business startups to emerge in recent years – and many have become or are on their way to becoming global enterprises. Seed investments in Sweden are some of the most productive and exciting in the already strong Scandinavian angel and entrepreneur network. And don’t forget elite angels – entrepreneurs themselves with valuable experience and expertise to invest – who are an especially active presence among angel investors in Sweden. Our business at Scandinavian Investment Network is to bring the numerous enterprises seeking angels together with angels seeking to invest, and we do this very well.

Energy and business acumen exist in Sweden in abundance. Right now we have an opportunity for an angel interested in investing in a studio developing animated educational games for kids – in 16 languages. Their designers, animators, sound studio, animation studio, developers and creation team are all in-house. Capital needed: €1,000,000, minimum investment: €50,000. If the garment industry has your heart, check out the online tailor whose focus is on suits for men, and who already sells to 117 countries and has a complete e-commerce platform developed in-house. Capital needed: €1,000,000, minimum investment, €100,000. Or you may be interested in the startup energy company working to provide affordable renewable energy through their own energy systems. Capital needed: €1,000,000, minimum investment, €300,000. Choose your industry and level of investment – or offer your own proposal and financial requirements – and you’ll find an angel or an investment in our network.

Where do Swedes invest? One angel, having successfully run his own company, has both expertise and €500,000 to invest in your start-up – anywhere in the world.

With so many entrepreneurs close to home you might wonder why a Swede would look elsewhere to invest, but the quality that inspires entrepreneurship also inspires global interest. You’ve heard of the international car service Uber; Swedes are also investing in Vamos, the event guide app; King online game site; Bloglovin’: Guerilla Office; and Your Middle East.

If you’re an entrepreneur – with a great idea and a solid plan – the Scandinavian Investment Network can hook you up with angel investors. We’re part of the world’s largest angel investment network, with more than 300,000 members. Register with the Scandinavian Investment Network; browse and search by location, industry and size of investment; then connect with thousands of angels and entrepreneurs.

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