Iceland is quite responsive to business investment and development, but their start-up successes rest largely unknown outside the country. With more active venture capitalist commitment and more notice in the international press this situation will soon change. With the Angel Investment Network, you can keep an eye on new opportunities in Iceland.

The Faroe Islands are worth a look for investment opportunities, especially regarding bottled water. The Atlantic Ocean surrounding the islands is some of the cleanest water on Earth. Spring water bottling has already attracted investors from Europe, Australia and Scandinavia.

Greenland, though still not fully autonomous from Denmark, has an ambitious attitude program to attract venture capital in several industries, including tourism; mineral resources and oil exploration, arctic research, fisheries, agriculture, hunting and hydroelectric power.

If you’re an entrepreneur – with a great idea and a solid plan – the Scandinavian Investment Network can hook you up with angel investors. We’re part of the world’s largest angel investment network, with more than 300,000 members. Register with the Scandinavian Investment Network; browse and search by location, industry and size of investment; then connect with thousands of angels and entrepreneurs.

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